Quality Guarantee


As a main supplier and manufacturer of the filters in china. PriFil brand filter, produce and supply high quality products with reasonable price to the customer from all over the world. As our 18 years filter experience, it is very easier and quickly for us to match the customer’s different request of our products. The design and material we use are all according to the original products, and fully accredited to the ISO/TS 16949:2002 Quality Management System. so we ensure our products can be working very well in different place. And we will offer our quality guarantee to all of the products we supply to the market.
After those years development, our products covered most of the cars, trucks, engineering machine and Industrial.
Oil filter, fuel filter, air filter, cabin filter for passenger cars.
Oil filter, fuel filter, air filter, water filter, air dryer, oil-water separator for big truck, bus .
Oil filter, fuel filter, hydraulic filter, air filter for heavy duty machine, load moving machine and tractor.
Oil filter, air filter, air-oil separator for air compressor.
Our Professional Drive Us Forward, Our mature after – sales systems can let our customer sell our products very easy and without any scruple. Our rich experience products developing and production department, can be very quickly and successful to develop any new items to all of the customer from different part of the world.
Keep our company’s contact information in your company’s supplier file, we ensure our cooperation-ship will be long, happy, enjoyable and mutual benefit.